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  Blossoming Minds Therapy provides evidence-based and individualized speech, language, educational, and dyslexia evaluation & therapy for children and families through both in-person and teletherapy appointments.


We specialize in the remediation of fluency disorders (stuttering and cluttering disorders), as well as a variety of educational challenges for children of all ages.


With regard to educational therapy, our areas of specialization include working with students in the areas of pre-reading, reading, writing, math, and executive functioning skills, as well as those diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and specific learning impairment.

In addition, we are also well equipped to treat other speech and language challenges, including articulation and phonological disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, receptive and expressive language disorders, and pragmatic language disorders.


Blossoming Minds Therapy begins the intervention process with an individualized evaluation of skills, in order be able to gain a view of each students' strengths & challenges. We then work to create unique therapy plans for all clients, with a focus on learning effective multi-sensory strategies in a fun and functional way, in order to make deeper educational connections and future learning easier.  


All sessions are highly personalized for each child's specific needs and unique strengths, while maintaining a high level of accuracy, in order to support a greater internalization of success and self-esteem to aid in the transfer and generalization process of skills across environments.


To best support the transfer and generalization of speech, language, and educational therapy skills, we firmly believe that fluidity and continuity of care are paramount to the therapy process. In order to accomplish this we strive to cultivate a relationship between each client and all of our therapists. 

Teacher Helping Student
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