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A throwback to the time I started a blog...

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Hi! As you may have seen on the website, my name is Amanda Fransen. I am a certified educational therapist and speech-language pathology graduate clinician, almost finished with my pursuit of my master’s degree in speech-language pathology through Northern Arizona University.

I have been working with children in the private practice setting for approximately the last decade. Throughout this time, I have found my true passion to be working with children who stutter, children who are diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities and children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

During my time working in the field, I have come to realize how closely intertwined each of the aspects of speech, language, and educational therapy truly are, and how necessary it is to better understand the correlations between each, as well as the unique aspects pertaining to the co-morbidity of diagnoses.

Ultimately, this was the reason I chose to pursue my higher education in speech-language pathology, versus educational psychology, because I knew that I would never be fully satisfied treating language-based learning disabilities as an educational therapist without also being able to diagnose them, as well as the frequently cooccurring underlying language disorders.

That all being said, I am mostly starting this blog as a way to personally learn more about the subjects that interest me, as well as to grow and cultivate greater knowledge and skills as a professional.

In initially thinking more about this idea, it seemed to me that maybe other people would also want to read what I was writing, and possibly learn something while doing so. I hope that if you do choose to read what I write, you enjoy it and even possibly learn something!

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