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Individualized Evaluation Services 

At Blossoming Minds Therapy, we pride ourselves on creating individualized therapy sessions for each child, as we are firm believers that no two brains or individuals are the same. We also believe that initial comprehensive evaluation is the most accurate way in which to gain the greatest insight into a child' s current skill and ability level. Just as we believe the intervention process should be unique for each child, we also believe that the evaluation process should be individualized, as not all children need assessment across all areas. 


As such, we start each intervention process with evaluation in order to ensure that we have the most up to date information about current skill levels, so as to create the most precise therapy goals possible. By gaining detailed information pertaining to skill level at the beginning of the intervention process we are able to fine tune our approach in order to make therapy the most effective possible.

Please see below for greater information surrounding the evaluations we perform at Blossoming Minds Therapy. 

Receptive & Expressive Langauge Skills 

Articulation and phonology disorders 

Academic assessment 

Social Pragmatic Language 

Fluency disorders 

Dyslexia Evaluations

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